Free Author Interview Info

I have had an overwhelming response from so many amazing authors over the past couple of weeks since I started this blog.  But the double edge to that sword is that my inbox is filling up faster than I can keep up!  Amazing isn't it?  I have developed a new appreciation for how many people, worldwide, share the same dream and passions that I do. 

So...for those of you who have written a book and would like to promote it, here is a free forum to do so.  All submissions need to go to

Please include an attached author photo and book cover that I can add to your interview.  Sample chapters or other bits of added information are welcome but please include it together with your interview.  For examples of some of the interviews I have already done, please browse through my home page and meet some of your peers.

Listed below are basic sample questions.  I will add a few more at the end that you can choose from to spice things up and bit and give you some room to be creative.  Please limit the amount of questions to no more than 10 for the sake of the readers eyes!  Some authors really love to write!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at  I can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Please remember to send an author bio along with your interview so my readers can see all of your other works or accomplishments.

 Author Interview Questions:

Author Name:
Where can we find your book?
How much does it cost?
Tell us a little about your book.
Do you have any upcoming projects?
What has your journey as a writer been like?
Why did you choose to self publish?
Would you do it again?
Please share some advice to help future authors.

Optional Questions to use to switch things up a bit:

Do you have a favorite character and why?
Who is your favorite author and why?
What one person has impacted your life the most?
What drives you to write?
How do you plan to promote your book?
Is there anything unique about yourself that you would like your readers to know?
How did you create your characters?
What was the process you used to write your manuscript?
What time of day do you write best?
How do you juggle life around your writing?
What struggles have you overcome as a writer?
What criticisms have helped you grow as a writer?

If you can think of anything else you'd like to throw in there, please feel free!  This is your show...I'm just giving you a place to tell everyone how great you are!

Happy writing!